IDEA Training

Caseware IDEA Certification provides standard accreditation that distinguishes you as being able to utilize Caseware IDEA in your daily analysis and/or audit work.
The certification program is designed to aid in your professional development, by showcasing that you possess premium technical abilities and are capable of providing knowledgeable business analysis and recommendations.
Obtaining Caseware IDEA Certification gives an independent validation of your skills and expertise in using analytics and scripting.
Types of Certifications:

⦁ Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA):

⦁ CI101 – IDEA Data Analysis Level 1:

⦁ Understand the purpose and features of IDEA
⦁ Consider audit objectives and where IDEA can be used
⦁ Determine data required and arrange data download
⦁ Use IDEA in audit and increase audit efficiency and effectiveness

⦁ CI102 – IDEA Data Analysis Level 2:

⦁ Expand use of analytics in audit process
⦁ Use analytics consistently in their audit processes
⦁ Document best practices using data analytics in audits
⦁ Improve governance and controls

⦁ Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA):

⦁ CI104 IDEAScript for Analysts Level 1:

⦁ Understand the logic of IDEAScripts
⦁ Automate repetitive tasks, such as importing files and defined analysis
⦁ Create/ Customize special tests and functions

⦁ CI105 IDEAScript for Analysts Level 2:

⦁ Use arrays to populate controls
⦁ Create customized dialog boxes
⦁ Implement error handling