Alessa ™

Formerly known as Caseware Monitor, Alessa is an open platform for continuous controls monitoring that puts you ahead of threats. The platform connects to and analyzes data from any source to continuously test the effectiveness of your internal controls. Immediately detecting control breakdowns, Monitor alerts stakeholders, giving the company more time to respond and quickly remediate the situation before it negatively impacts the business.

With Alessa, analytics can be performed on data from multiple systems, cross-referencing information to reveal big picture insights that are difficult to discover by looking at individual systems. Going even further, the platform collects critical information on the root cause of the failure, proactively ensuring that the control failure doesn’t reoccur and allowing you to achieve continuous and sustainable improvements across the business.

Alessa is the most innovative controls monitoring platform on the market, delivering all the core capabilities you need to achieve compliance, mitigate risk and improve the performance of your business. Exceed all of your continuous monitoring needs with a wide array of tools, features and capabilities.

When Alessa detects a control failure, it triggers an alert sent to users via email, SMS or as notifications in app. Within a customizable workflow these exceptions can be assigned, escalated and remediated collaboratively to support any business process. You can also send emails directly from any exception and the history will automatically update with responses.