Social Security Corporation (SSC)

Social Security Corporation (SSC)


Enterprise Risk Management.


Social Security Corporation is a governmental institution in Jordan, wanted to deploy an Enterprise Risk Management System to facilitate conducting the risk management activities. The key objectives were to ensure strengthen internal controls and to improve its Risk Management practices.

Scope of Work

⦁ Implementation of CAREweb ERM Module.
⦁ SSC’s Risk Management Training on the methodology.
⦁ Conducted Risk Assessment workshop for a selected business unit
Where weakness was identified, recommendations (remedial actions) were agreed to mitigate these weaknesses.
⦁ SSC Risk Management team was also trained on how to roll-over the methodology across the organization.


⦁ Several weaknesses in the control environment and opportunities for improving processes were identified and implemented.
⦁ An Enterprise Risk Management system was successfully implemented.
⦁ Regular reports were designed and submitted to senior management and risk committee