Certified Operational Risk Executive (CORE I)

This course is designed to take experienced business executives during an intensive course through all of the development stages in Operational Risk Profiling.
The CORE I certification attests to the fact that an individual has successfully completed the course and is competent to apply Operational Risk measurement and management techniques in their business.
The course is case study driven, supported by traditional lectures; this allows delegates to put into practice the theory presented to them and ensures the maximum delegate involvement.

Course outline:

⦁ Corporate Governance; the eight facts of business life as regards to risk management.
⦁ Risk Management:

⦁ Risks:

⦁ Identifying and assessing risks
⦁ Nature of risks
⦁ Types of risks including (Credit, Market and Operational)
⦁ Operational Risks
⦁ Risk Management Standards

⦁ Controls:

⦁ Types of controls
⦁ Difference between a control and a process
⦁ Concept of an Entity control
⦁ Impact of controls on risks

⦁ Many-to-many relationship between Risks and Controls
⦁ Control testing:

⦁ Compliance Testing
⦁ Substantive Testing
⦁ Direction and frequency of testing
⦁ Control Risk Self-Assessment (CRSA)

⦁ Incident Recording:

⦁ Incidents v Near Misses
⦁ Incident Significance
⦁ Contingency Planning

⦁ Linkages between Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance
⦁ Risk Based Internal Audit

All delegates will be subjected to case studies to interact and apply skills and knowledge learned into real-life cases. The case studies are conducted using an Operational Risk software called CAREweb – Control and Risk Evaluation – and, whilst the techniques learned can be applied without the aid of software or using other software, CAREweb is the system used by the course provider to provide guidance and practical training.