Compliance Services

Compliance Services

With the ever-growing number and complexity of regulations and outrageous costs of non-compliance, regulatory compliance has become increasingly difficult and is placing immense pressure on compliance officers.

AIGC provides a number of services to support compliance functions in financial and non-financial institutions.
These Includes but are not limited to:

⦁  Regulatory Compliance Reviews/Audit.
⦁  Implementation of Compliance Risk Monitoring System.
⦁ Compliance Risk Assessment.
⦁ Compliance Programs.
⦁ Conducting Quality Checks.

Our consultants have invested many-years analyzing regulations (including: CBJ, SAMA, CMA, Tadawul and AML regulations) and identified the relevant risks and Mandated controls (controls mandated by the regulator). Our library of Compliance Risks and Mandated Controls, along with our unique system (CAREweb), allows our consultants to easily identify compliance risks and mandated controls relevant to each business unit and each Product/service.  In addition, actual or potential breaches to these risks and mandated controls are automatically linked to the relevant article in this regulation.  Reports can be generated by highlighting the degree of compliance (i.e.: a percentage gap) by each business unit or Product/Service and for each article in every regulation.